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Dental care is about more than just teeth and gums; it’s about relationships. Crossland Dental Associates has proudly served the Charleston community for more than 20 years. Our patients are our neighbors and friends. We would love to serve you too.

We believe dental visits should be stress free.

Welcome to Crossland Dental Associates. Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for every patient. Our dental team, led by Dr. Crossland and Dr. Bodie, is here to help you and your family achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Our dental staff is made up of specialized and highly trained individuals who look to provide energetic and fun-loving service to all of our patients.  In an effort to deliver the best dental care available, our staff depends on the latest technological advances in dental health by attending continuing education courses and seminars. We look forward to your next visit!

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Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

7 Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

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While anyone can develop oral cancer, meeting certain risk factors makes it more likely you will receive a diagnosis. For example, you don’t develop oral cancer from something as simple as irritation from dentures or from using mouthwash with a high alcohol content. According to the American Cancer Society, people with the highest risk of oral cancer typically meet one or more of these risk factors: Age greater than 55: Two of every three people diagnosed with oral cancer are at least 55 years old. The average age of diagnosis…

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Top Dental Concerns and Their Solutions

Five Top Dental Concerns and Their Solutions

By | Dental Health, Oral Health | No Comments

Some people are fortunate enough to only require dental check-ups twice a year and never need treatment beyond that. However, it’s typical to experience more dental concerns as you age that need additional attention from your dentist. Here are the five most common oral health conditions and the treatment for them:   Dry mouth: While most people experience dry mouth occasionally, you should consider seeking treatment if you deal with this condition frequently. The most common causes of a persistent dry mouth are having certain health conditions and taking specific…

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Tips to Help Teeth Survive Halloween

Tips to Help Teeth Survive Halloween

By | Oral Health | No Comments

While your kids may have spent weeks deciding on the perfect Halloween costume and eagerly look forward to going out and collecting treats, you probably see things differently as a parent. Perhaps you’re concerned about safety or that your children will get cavities from eating so much candy at once. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence as long as you ensure that your kids brush and floss their teeth daily. However, it’s still important to understand how each type of candy affects the teeth…

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