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A dental crown is a very common procedure that can span several visits with your dentist. So, what is a Same Day dental crown? Quite simply, it’s a crown that only requires a single visit to your dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

So, what is the difference between traditional and same day dental crowns?

They are similar in ways.

Both traditional and Same Day Dental crowns are similar in function, serving to restore and replace damaged teeth. The real difference is in the technology: Same Day crowns are crafted using computer aided design and manufacturing technology, which expedites its construction and fabrication.

Traditional crowns take longer.

The traditional dental crown procedure takes at least two appointments over the course of a week- or longer- while Same Day Crowns are just that: completed within a day. With this approach, you can restore your smile in only a few hours.

They are made from different materials.

Another significant difference is in the materials used to construct your crown. Traditional crowns are made from a putty impression out of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two. Same Day Crowns are carved from a piece of ceramic block and then glued to the tooth – no impression required.

The cost is comparable.

While there are many contributing factors that could increase or decrease the cost, the overall price of both types of dental crowns are comparable in most regions.

Same Day Crowns are fast.

Everything from preparing the site for your crown to the final steps are done in a single appointment with your dental provider. Due to this quick turnaround time, some patients may not need to miss work and could save money.

Same Day Crowns skip the impressions.

One of the biggest advantages of Same Day crowns reported by consumers is comfort. Nobody enjoys the process of making impressions for traditional crowns; the putty is gooey, messy, and uncomfortable.

Traditional crowns offer longevity.

It merits mentioning that many believe traditional crowns are more like your natural teeth, thus improving your smile. You can expect a traditional Dental Crown to last typically 5-to-15 years , which demonstrates their resilience and craftsmanship. These dental crowns appear more resistant to wear-and-tear on a regular basis.

Have more questions about a dental crown? Call us to learn more and book your appointment.

Your dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC, is in the best position to make recommendations and suggestions pertaining to your crown, based on your distinct situation and dental condition. As you make your decision, consider this information and know the differences between traditional and Same Day Dental Crowns. You have options regarding your dental work, so don’t be shy about asking questions; we are here to answer them for you.