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When it comes to preserving your dental health, you are a master. You brush your teeth with a fluoride based treatment twice daily, and make sure to floss. You attend your regular dental appointments and contact your dentist as soon as issues occur. However, did you know there is one thing you can do between brushing sessions that can significantly impact your dental health? Throughout an average day, your teeth come under attack from dozens of angles, from that coffee you had on the way to work to the guilty pleasure of those caramel candies you have stashed in your desk. These sticky sweet and acidic foods and beverages can leave your teeth prone to cavities and decay. However, studies show that chewing sugar free gum can help protect your teeth between brushing sessions.

PH Balance

The PH balance of your mouth is crucial to the prevention of dental decay. When you eat or drink certain foods that are high in acidic content or sticky-sweet, this balance gets thrown off kilter. However, studies show that chewing sugar-free gum after meals can help maintain this delicate balance and protect your teeth. Chewing gum helps with saliva production, which is crucial to preventing plaque buildup and restoring the PH balance of your mouth. This saliva acts as a freshener for your mouth, and the increased quantities of it can help flush away any remaining acid from that cup of coffee. It can also help freshen your coffee breath, which is a definite plus for your coworkers.

Dental Health

Another thing that chewing sugar free gum can help with is encouraging healthy dental habits. Chewing gum can not only reduce the impact of acidic foods on your mouth, it can also help remove various debris from between your teeth before you floss. Sugar-free gum can help pick up food particles that may be lodged out of sight, and as such can help prevent cavities before they form. Much easier than flossing at red lights on your way to work, don’t you think?


Sugar free gum can also be an easy way to aid children with the care of their oral health. What child doesn’t like chewing on bubblegum, after all? Introducing your children to sugar-free gum can help them gain healthy dental habits without addicting them to sugary sweets. The added bonus of reducing acidity can help prevent childhood cavities, which in turn can lead to healthier smiles as they get older. Early prevention of dental issues can help ensure that your children will have good dental hygiene and habits as they age, leading to lower dental bills for you and a happier smile for them.

The simple addition of chewing sugar free gum between meals is sure to make your teeth smile. If you have any dental concerns, feel free to contact our office for advice or to schedule your annual checkup. Remember, as wonderful as sugar free gum may be, it does not replace regular dental visits or oral care.