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Maintaining Oral Health

Routine cleanings by a dentist should be part of any preventative dental care regimen. Such cleanings can get to tight spots that you might miss even if you know the proper way to brush and floss teeth and do so at least twice daily as recommended. Routine cleanings help with cavity prevention and give the dentist a chance to notice trouble spots before they can become painful and expensive dental problems.

The American Dental Association recommends that you have a routine teeth cleaning by a dental professional every three to six months, depending on your risk factors for tooth decay, such as smoking, heavy alcohol use, having certain diseases (such as diabetes), being on certain medications (such as anti-convulsants) or having a weakened immune system.

During a routine cleaning at our office, the oral hygienist will clean your teeth gently as well as use a tooth scaler to scrape off any plaque on your teeth and finally polish them so your teeth look and feel shiny and clean