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While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the amount of acid found on your teeth after eating an apple may cause your dentist to be concerned. While most people are very aware of the potential dangers posed to your teeth by sugary snacks, healthy foods can sometimes deal as much damage to your teeth as that chocolate bar in your kitchen cabinet can. Fruits can oftentimes contain a large amount of natural acid, which in turn can damage the surface of your dental enamel. Other common beverages, such as teas and coffees, can pose an additional threat to the appearance of your teeth, even without added sugar. These beverages are quite acidic, and also can stain your teeth, leaving you with a dulled, damaged smile. Monitoring the intake of these foods and beverages can help preserve your smile, and help you avoid any additional damages to your teeth.


Acidic residue can be dangerous to the enamel of your teeth because it can weaken the outer surface, as well as leave divots that can act as hiding places for bacteria that cause cavities and other forms of infection. On an aesthetic level, beverages that leave a stain on the surface of your teeth can darken the enamel, and lead to the need for whitening treatments, to help return some of their natural shine, which can be costly.  Making sure to pay attention to your snacking habits between meals, as well as keeping up on regular dental hygiene habits, can help you avoid potentially dangerous acidic buildup on the surface of your teeth.


If you find yourself snacking in between meals, or feel as if there is a rough residue on your teeth after drinking certain beverages, investing in a pack of sugar-free gum can help you protect your teeth. As simple as this may sound, sugar-free gum can help remove this residue, as well as help to prevent any small particles of food from latching onto the surface of your teeth. Make sure that the gum you pick is sugar-free in order to avoid the added dangers that sugary foods can pose to your oral health. As a bonus, sugar-free gum can help prevent surface stains, and can act as a refresher between meals to help remove some of that lingering coffee taste from your mouth.


Keeping track of your acidic and sugary food and beverage intake can help preserve the enamel of your teeth, and prevent more serious issues, such as gingivitis, cavities, and general dental sensitivity in the future. It is important to note that while keeping an eye out for your acidic food intake and chewing sugar-free gum after a mid-day snack may help preserve your dental health, it is no substitute for regular oral cleanings by a dental professional and twice-daily brushing and flossing. Being aware of the potential dangers to your oral health can help you protect yourself against potential enamel damage and tooth decay, as well as to help make you feel more confident in your smile.

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