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Toothaches can be a pain in the mouth to deal with. It can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the source of your dental discomfort, which is why we put together a list of the top 10 common causes for a toothache. As with any dental problem, it’s always a good idea to talk to the professionals before deciding on a diagnosis or treatment plan for your toothache.

10. Dental Alignments

Retainers, braces, headgear, and other orthodontic alignment systems are one of the many causes for dental pain. Unfortunately, in most cases, the best thing you can do for appliance-related toothaches is to take over the counter pain medication and wait for your mouth to adjust. However, if the pain lasts for more than a few days, your dentist may need to readjust your appliance to alleviate some of the pain.

9. Wisdom Teeth Problems

Impacted and misaligned wisdom teeth are commonly at fault for generalized tooth pain. If there is not enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to come in, or they are growing in at an odd angle, they cause your teeth to press against each other and shift out of alignment, causing you severe pain. While misalignment can be fixed with dental appliances, your dentist will need to remove impacted wisdom teeth to alleviate your toothache.

8. Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

Did you know you can brush and floss too hard? This can cause an inflamed, irritated, and bleeding gum line, which can cause your teeth to become unstable in the long run. Make sure to check with your dentist about the best way to brush your teeth, and only ever use soft toothbrushes.

7. Bruxism

Also known as teeth grinding, this problem happens most often due to stress. Patients usually grind their teeth at night, which can lead to dental wear and tear, as well as tooth, neck, and jaw pain and reoccurring headaches. Extreme bruxism can also lead to chipped and cracked teeth, which will cause even more pain. Your dentist will create a custom-fitted mouthguard to prevent further damage to your teeth.

6. Filling and Sealant Issues

Dental sealants, when misaligned or partially removed, expose tender areas of your teeth to temperature changes, bacteria, and bits of food. This can lead to a persistent toothache that can only be fixed with the help of your dentist. Once your filling or sealant has been repaired, you should be toothache-free.

5. Hot and Cold Sensitivity

If iced or hot beverages cause you pain, you might be suffering from worn enamel. This can leave the dentin of your tooth (where the nerve is housed) exposed to the outside world, meaning you get left with a severe toothache. Hot and cold sensitivity can also be caused by teeth whitening, so it is always a good idea to check with your dentist to find out how to better take care of your enamel.

4. Fractured Teeth

Cracked, chipped, and broken teeth can cause severe pain, and usually need anything from a filling or veneer to complete extraction to treat. This is because, in order to feel pain from a chipped tooth, it must have reached the nerve at the center of your tooth. That is why it is important to make sure any fracture or chip in your tooth is treated immediately before it worsens.

3. Periodontitis

Dull dental pain, bleeding gums, and overall sensitivity are signs of gum disease, also called periodontitis. If not treated, this can cause severe infection that leads to tooth loss and bone decay. If you suffer from gum pain, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

2. Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth will cause painful throbbing, as the dental decay has reached the root of your tooth. This can be a sign of serious infection and should be treated by a dental professional immediately.

1. Cavities

Dental decay is the number one cause of toothaches. From minor cavities to severe tooth abscesses, dental decay is no laughing matter. That is why it is important to schedule regular dental checkups with your dentist. If you are looking for a dentist in the Mount Pleasant, SC area, or are suffering from a toothache, give Crossland Dental Associates a call. We’ll be more than happy to help get your dental health in tip-top shape.