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Thinking about teeth whitening? This is a very common procedure with satisfying results for many, but you should know that there are often some side effects of this process. The bleaching solution used to whiten and brighten your smile can cause some patients issues or sensitivity, or you could experience a range of common side effects.

Some potential side effects of teeth whitening include the following:

There Could Be Discomfort If you Have Sensitive Teeth

If you already have sensitive teeth or experience pain when eating certain foods or drinks, you may feel discomfort or pain when the bleaching solution is applied to the surface of your teeth. Make sure to inform your dentist of your sensitivity issue so that they can recommend products such as special toothpaste to reduce this risk and increase comfort during your procedure.

You May Notice Increased Sensitivity to Hot and Cold.

You may also notice an increased sensitivity to hot and cold food or drink following your teeth whitening procedure; this is perfectly normal. This usually subsides quickly but using a sensitive teeth toothpaste may help curb this discomfort.

You May Experience Tingling Sensations.

If you feel a sensation like a mini electric shock in your newly whitened teeth, this may also be a side effect of the bleaching agent used during your dental procedure. Note where and when these tingling sensations occur so you can convey this accurately to your dentist during follow-up.

Your Teeth Could Become Inflamed.

Bleaching and whitening teeth may cause inflammation in the pulp of your teeth, particularly if they are compromised with cracks or breakage.

Irritation is a Possibility.

If the bleaching solution makes contact with your skin, gums, or even your eyes, it can irritate and burn. Inform your dentist immediately and flush assertively with water as needed.

Your Throat or Stomach May Hurt.

Do your best to avoid swallowing the bleaching agent during your whitening procedure. This will cause irritation of your throat and stomach, which can have serious medical complications in some cases.

Typically, these side effects subside within 48 hours of your procedure. Talk to your dental provider about steps to take to curb these side effects. Though it is uncommon, if your symptoms persist or become more severe, seek medical attention immediately.

Want to learn more about teeth whitening? Don’t risk your oral health and holistic wellness by doing it alone or trying an at-home kit; contact your dentist in Mt Pleasant, SC, to learn more about this procedure and to schedule a consultation. While there are some common side effects of teeth whitening, don’t let this deter you from improving your smile and confidence right now.